Thank you Wood Wisperer
Went to replace the tires on my BS yesterday. Thought I'd hit youtube to see if there were any tricks. Looked through a couple and then found Marc's. One of the first things he pointed out was that the nuts are LEFT hand. Thinking about it, it made perfect sense but I'm pretty sure I would have really tightened the nut on the top wheel before the dim light bulb came on. Of course, the manual only states "remove hex nut", no mention of it being a left hand nut.

I now have a new tire on the top wheel and the bottom wheel is off and will have a new tire as soon as my back muscles stops hurting (dang 18" cast iron wheels are heavy). I also wrote in big, red letters, "LEFT HAND NUT" in the manual.

So, a big THANK YOU MARC for being the only one I saw who mentioned this little bit of information that saved me probably a couple of hours of hard frustrating work.
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