How do you clean oil stains from concrete driveway?
My old car has been leaking oil in small amounts onto my concrete driveway. I'm looking for an easy to use product to remove the oil stains before they really build up. Thanks.
what ive done is first spread some sawdust on the oil and lay a piece of plywood over it. pull it off after a couple hours, get rid of sawdust and add a fresh layer. next day spray with purple power straigh, agitate with brush, then pressure wash it off.
Simple Green or Tide powder mixed with Dawn dish detergent.
Allow to soak for awhile, hit it with a stiff brush & rinse off.
Or power wash it.
Kitty litter, cover the stain, crush the litter some, let it sit overnight, scoop it up then wash.

I've tried pouring a little clean oil on top of the dirty oil first, let in soak in then use the kitty littler- does pretty good as it dilutes the dirty oil and allows it to wick out better with the clean oil.

Good luck. I've never been able to completely remove black oil stains- there's always that darker spot. Use the power washer with too much psi and too close and you'll etch the concrete and now it will get dirtier easier and harder to clean.
Cheap liquid dishwasher detergent works for me.
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But be careful; sometimes it works too well and you have really clean spots on not-so clean driveway.
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Soap and water. Leave moist.

Then apply some mason's mortar (lightly cover) and let sit over night and dry.
If still visible, cut a 2x4 block 6-8" long and use that to scrub the mortar into the concrete.


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Muriatic acid is the standard commercial way to clean concrete.  It is dangerous to use, but works well.  Follow directions carefully.  Wear old clothes, eye protection and skin protection:

NOTE:  I would try the other options first as they are all safer.  The muriatic acid will whiten and lighten the concrete so to make it look good you would have to spray the entire surface.
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I've had the same problem both in the garage and the driveway and had real good success by liberally soaking the spot in mineral spirits for a minute, cover it with cat litter and use a broom to work it a little. Let the cat litter dry and remove and you will be amazed how clean it is. 

Speedy Dri. Or cat litter. Sprinkle on concrete, and shuffle around on it with your shoes, untill stain is gone.
Or on knees scrubbing it with a 2x4.
Learned this 50 years ago, working in a gas station, repair shop.
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Gasoline and a match. No, really. Dawn dish soap and a light scrubbing with a brush with take care of the burn marks. 

Better yet, solve both problems by parking the old car in it's spot first, then gas, match and insurance.  The fire dept. will power wash the driveway for you putting out the fire.  
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