Not fine woodworking ...
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(07-04-2018, 06:06 AM)Cecil Wrote: When I read your post the first time, I thought the word "vine" in the content was showing up as "Fine."  I forgot about the title which states "Fine Woodworking"

Fine woodworking vs construction.

The trellis is a construction project.

Fine woodworking involves good quality wood, usually hardwood, tight joints and a finish.

The trellis is made of construction lumber, the joints are close and I did not apply a finish.

Therefore I would call this a construction project more than a woodworking project.

However, it was fun and it is still a piece of art.

 Fine woodworking is also constructing (Building).
 The wood you used is designed for the job, I'm sure has good joints and the treated bare finish is typical for the purpose.
 It involved constructing with wood, so it is a woodworking project.
 It, therefore, is fine work for it's intended purpose by chosen definition.

 A Mole is one ugly animal to us but good looking to another mole and that makes it one "fine" creation. Laugh
  Re: Not fine woodworking ... by Cecil (but it involves wood...)
That's really nice. You gonna chunk some paint on it so it'll last longer?


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