Installing a new sub floor
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(07-27-2018, 10:34 AM)DogwoodTales Wrote: So as part of my kitchen remodel I'm considering installing a new sub floor. The existing one is ship lapped boards and they creek like hell (makes it really difficult for me to sneak in via the back door). I figured that when I take out the cabinets it's a good time to replace it. I've installed a couple shed floors before, but not a house sub floor.

So what are the latest methods and materials used for a sub floor and keeping it from creeking that you would use? For instance, Any particular glue between the ply and the joists?
The joists are 16 oc (if memory serves correctly).
Thanks for the advice.

I would try to figure out what's causing the squeaks before tearing out the old subfloor.

There are a variety of remedies depending on the cause(s), e.g.

You wouldn't want to replace the subfloor to discover one of your problems is uneven/warped joists - a new subfloor won't fix that.

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(07-27-2018, 11:08 AM)Tapper Wrote: * In the old days, 1x3" cross bracing was used instead of blocking, two per bay criss crossed. Ends were cut at an angle and toe-nailed into the joist with 8d's. Either method works fine.

I figure some builders still do this.  My home is only 17 years old and this is how they had cross-braced the floor joists.  Of course my joists are still true solid lumber versus the newer engineered OSB I-beams and LVLs which are much more prevalent in new construction nowadays.

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