Carter Lumber Mill
I had seen these several times, in Woodcraft, on line, and other places.  I finally caught one during free shipping and ordered it, as I have a dozen or so black walnut logs to process into wood I can make boxes from.  I had always made do in the past when slicing chunks of promising firewood and making boxes, but the Carter system seems like a much safer option.

Anyone used the Carter Mill for the bandsaw?  Any tips or suggestions?

My only downside is I will be cutting the logs to length with my bowsaw, the doc told me no more chain saw use, so my 18" bar stihl went to a friend who would get lots of use from it.  Big Grin  Not a huge deal.  I'll cut a couple eighteen to twenty-two inch sections, then take a break, cut a couple more, then repeat.  Time, I have.  Yes
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Had a dead oak cut down and into short lengths for firewood.  Some of the pieces were 12 or inches OD.  So I went ahead and bought the Carter Lumber Mill.  It worked really well for my my purposes, i.e., slicing the big sections into quarters for the fire place.  It's a little pricey, but so is firewood at the grocery store.

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