Rare Kiyohisa Japanese Chisel 10 set. Chisels in Germany
Watanabe Kiyoei is the blacksmith for Kiyohisa who makes some of the best chisels that have ever come out of Japan. He specializes in forging with white steel #1 which is a difficult steel to forge. He is known for producing chisels at low forged temperatures which results in a superior chisel. These are a near new Kiyohisa 10 set of oire nomi (bench chisels) made with white steel #1 and come with white oak handles and a paulownia chisel box. The hoops have been set and a few of the chisels used a few times. These are a premium set of Kiyohisa and different from the normal Kiyohisa.....They cost double the price of normal Kiyohisa. Sometimes Kiyohisa will be made by other workers in the shop. This set is personally made by Watanabe-San and he pays special attention to heat treatment and cold water forging with this premium set. In addition he personally hand files these chisels instead of the normal belt sanding done...I have included a picture with one of the chisels next to a normal kiyohisa chisel. You can see the texture difference between belt sanding and filing. Also the Ura (backs) are meticulously ground and unlike the normal Kiyohisa which has a gun bluing agent on the Ura these are showcasing the beauty of the hazy black back from forging. I am selling parts of my collection that I have had for a while hand because I need the funds. All sales are final. Chisels will be shipped fully insured

**In the past 10 years there were legends of very long wait lists to buy his chisels which took sometimes 5 years.....They were true and have always benn very hard to get. I even have some more on order for more than 4 years.....but I have recently found out that Watanabe Kiyoei unfortunately has some serious health issues which put a stop to orders being made as he is not working. Shops in Japan that use to supply Kiyohisa are now not taking orders anymore as nothing is coming in.I do not know if Kiyohisa will be possible to get anymore.
chisel sizes 42mm,36mm,30mm,24mm,18mm,15mm,12mm,9mm,6mm,3mm
price is 2800 plus shipping obo.
email me at Breathingunderwater@hushmail.com
local pickup for buyers near Stuttgart, Germany

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