A Keeper
Hi Friends,

The book, "The Why & How of Woodworking" by Michael Pekovich arrived this week and it's a keeper.  I've enjoyed Michael's articles and projects in Fine Woodworking Magazine for years (he's also the Creative Director at FWW mag).  For me this is a great addition to my woodworking library.  It addresses the spirit and attitude of being in the shop, design, tools, sharpening, and a number of (what I think are) beautifully designed and crafted projects.  He seems to be able to bring fresh ideas and focus to the craft.  On top of that, the book is extremely well illustrated, along with great photography.

If you get a chance, check it out.  I'm trying not to rush through the whole thing at once, but it will be on my bookshelf next to "A Cabinetmaker's Notebook."

(No affiliation with FWW or the author)

Always nice to find some inspiration.

  Re: A Keeper by djcook50 (Hi Friends, The boo...)
It's great when an author "clicks" with motivation. I have always liked Mike's projects.
  Re: A Keeper by djcook50 (Hi Friends, The boo...)
I like Mike too. Very talented!

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