For Sale: Horse-Butt Leather Strops
PM sent for two 3x8.
These members (Below) orders were mailed yesterday. The receipt from the APC at the post office says the NJ guy should get them tomorrow, while all others Friday. I would expect them by at least Saturday.

J Lilley
Ohio Mike
Les Winter
Dave in Denver

Working on the second batch this morning to be mailed today. I still have 3 1/2 hides uncut left. Probably enough for 2 more batches.

Happy Stropping!
WoodTinkerThe last couple of posts about strops didn't go unnoticed. This will be my third occasion selling horse-butt leather strops to the WoodNet community. US only. The leather was vegetable tanned.

Same prices as last time. Not trying to make a profit, just enough to cover my costs and provide some strops to the WoodNet community. The 3"x8" fit in a standard envelope, while the others only fit in a large envelope and has higher postage.

New to stropping? I glue these with the smooth side down on a piece of wood. Some like the smooth side up. Rub some green jewelers rouge on the leather. Pull your sharpened flat edge along the charged section with the sharpened edge at the back and down. Having the sharpened edge at the front gouges the leather.

The paypal fees have been added for the cost of paypal.

Size in inches - Paypal / Cash
Standard   3 x  8  - $6.50   / $6
Large        3 x 12 - $12.70  / $12

Worksharp 6 x  6  - $12.70  / $12

The worksharp piece will come as a 6X6 square w/o any center holes. User your disc as a template.

Send a PM and I will provide where to pay. The order of the PM's will be the selling order. And the order payment is received will be the mailing order.

What is the thickness? I have an alternate use...
PM sent for 2 strops
To do is to be (Camus)
To be is to do (Sartre)
Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo (Sinatra)
PM sent for a standard size strop.
PM sent. .
War Eagle!
Mine arrived on the West Coast from the East Coast in two days. That's a FAST pony!! Thanks!

The thickness varies. I have 3 of the large and variation is about 1/32 maximum in each piece, about .146 to .125. These are top grain.
Sent PM regarding strops? Did it go through?

(11-05-2018, 09:06 AM)bobburk Wrote: Sent PM regarding strops? Did it go through?


Sorry Woodnetters. 

I was on vacation last week and have now caught up on requests.

Shipment to those that have paid last week will go out today via USPS.
Tom Stutz

Orders from this week have been answered via PM.
Shipment to these WoodNetters went out yesterday via USPS. Should be receiving them by Friday or Saturday. Enjoy the Horse Butt!

Dan Jones

Birdseye Bill
WarEagle Todd
Steve Altman

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