unobtrusive mounting for streaming devices
I have outlets all hidden behind my tv, but it seems like that blocks wifi pretty well.  Wifi in our house is a little spotty anyway, I think because of all the steel beams.  It would be really nice to plug the fire tv stick directly into an hdmi port and power it from the tv's usb, but that doesn't seem to work well.  I probably will hardwire the network on the roku, but I'm pretty sure the tv will block the bluetooth remote.

I was thinking about adding a little shelf attached to the top of the tv itself.  Anyone have a solution to this problem?

On a similar subject, I was looking at floating shelf hardware and was impressed at how proud they are of it.  I was thinking about welding up something myself.
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A Wifi booster would probably be a simpler and more cost effective solution.

If you have plaster walls with metal lath you will find Wifi weak too.  It  might not be the beams in that case.
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