Nova 1624-44-2 Lathe
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Just for closure, I ended up with the Nova Saturn DVR ...

This includes the bed extension and cast iron legs. This is one heavy machine!

Regards from Perth

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  Re: Nova 1624-44-2 Lathe by Derek Cohen ([size=small][font=Ve...)
Congrats,Derek.Nice looking machine,should serve you well.

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I have the standard DVR but I would have paid extra just for the speed pot!
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I turned a few gazillion items on Delta lathes with 4-step pulleys. Even created a reversing capability by putting a twist in the belt. I now have a Oneway 24-36 with infinite speeds. I use perhaps five to ten percent of its variable speed capabilities. One great advantage is being able to slow the lathe way down when drilling holes with spade, Forstner or other bits. Seldom ever change the speed on my Jet Mini.

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I just got done with a segmented vase that I applied the finish to at 100 rpm and that I drilled the 2" center hole at 200 rpm. I find the very slow speeds on my Nova Galaxi comes in handy on nearly every piece.

My guess is that most people find ways to be comfortable with what they have, regardless of what they have.
We do segmented turning, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

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