Sparkys... Splicing Copper to Aluminum... or..
  Re: RE: Sparkys... Splicing Copper to Aluminum... or.. by Phil Thien (I’d find something l...)
(12-14-2018, 10:29 AM)Phil Thien Wrote: I’d find something like these;

I saw those this morning. That looks like the way to go.
(12-14-2018, 02:48 PM)jvanbrecht Wrote: Phil. Not taking your comment as argumentative Smile

Although I never saw a mention of conduit prior. One of the reasons no splices are found in conduits is that there are limitations to the number of conductors in a conduit based on its size. The splices take up too much space in a conduit, and would reduce the overall number of conductors permitted in the conduit by increasing the percentage of volume the objects in the conduit are taking up. (hopefully this makes sense to you, typing on phone in a plane so trying to keep it short)

While there are exceptions, most direct burial can be used in a non burial application as long as they are in boxes (you would need a huge box for 12 to 8 awg wire as the splices are not flexible), and you cannot put them behind a wall. I used the large 12awg with the glued and heat shrink wrapped one for my well wire, in my crawl space. And in my water room to extend then wire from the pressure switch. Previous renter before we bought it had a bunch of boxes just hanging from the cable with wire nuts connecting 3 runs of cable.. no covers and not mounted to the stringers under the house.

I didn’t understand what his intended use was originally. 

Sorry for the confusion.

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