Tye dyed!!
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(12-31-2018, 06:30 AM)greenacres2 Wrote: Amen to that!!  The first few batches i stabilized i overheated (not by a lot, but got more force-out than i should have).  Find that i really have to nurse the toaster oven to keep it at 180, and a tweak of the dial takes it to 250.  So...after realizing Curtis' PID was more than i should spend i started looking for a used lab oven with PID controls.  Even that gets salty with shipping.  Yesterday morning i did some looking on a web site where i have "points" to spend (from my real work) and stumbled into the idea of using a smoker, so your post was perfect timing.  No cash needed--so if i find i still need a controller i've got zero invested for a bigger chamber.

Definitely would not use it for food after CJ, plus i don't think i'd use it for blanks after smoking a pork butt--though even dogs would love the pens!!
Why not get an Auto Transformer { Variac } of sufficient wattage off Ebay to control the voltage to the oven? Plug the oven into the Variac.... Set the oven temp to max and dial in the temperature you want to maintain using the Variac...
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Yeah, i picked up a WillHi controller, but setting the range at 163-165, the air temp in the toaster oven rose to 225 AFTER the controller turned off at 165. I was able to keep the wood at just under 200 that way--but not efficiently. Ended up picking up an old lab oven last week--not cheap, but very stable on the first test.

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