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Hard to describe.

The bit "drawers" are actually just 5 5/8" x 19" boards, 3/4". The fronts/faces are only attached at the end[grain] of the boards. Was planning to use Kreg screws or biscuits and glue to attach them, but i don't have access to the part of the cabinet they sit in and the face spacing is very, very close. So, the alignment and attachment is darn near impossible. Guess I should have thought that through a bit better.

Like I said, it's kind of hard to describe, which is why I was going to see about taking some pictures for clarity.
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IMO there is nothing new about NK slides.  They are just a way of making the running surface of the drawer wider.   I've made a lot of solid wood drawers without them and never had an issue.  I've also seen antique desks and dressers 100's of years old with minimal wear.

The other disadvantage with a hardware-less drawer is no full extension, and the necessity of kickers to prevent tipping.

But they have their usefulness with minimalistic or low cost situations that preclude drawer slide hardware.
Everything is a prototype so its a one of a kind.
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I had a "eureka" moment and figured out how to mount the faces to the bit drawers.

Also completed the NK-style drawer slides and bottoms. I think I like them (new to me), but we'll see how they work with the drawers filled with whatnots.

All in all, a good day in the shoppe.

Thanks again for all the assistance and ideas.

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