Kitchen remodel progress
  Re: Kitchen remodel progress by Snipe Hunter (I'd like to thank th...)
So you had to assemble all those new boxes?

On the micro width (30) with 36 cooktop, if you have 18" between uppers and lowers, and 3" width from wood to burner, I don't think you would have had to do that . I've ran into that before. The customers cheaped out on buying a 36 micro to match their 36 range.

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  Re: Kitchen remodel progress by Snipe Hunter (I'd like to thank th...)
Yes, I assembled the cabinets for a couple reasons. Unassembled, is free shipping and 17% less expensive. I don't have the space to store 22 assembled cabinets during the build. 

 This is the garage with half the cabinets built.

I didn't see any 36" wide microwaves. But I also didn't look real hard. Generally vent hoods go over cooktops. Keep in mind, this is my wife's kitchen. I needed her to pick out appliances so I could do a cabinet layout. The GE sale had a lot to do with the appliances she picked. She wanted the micro over the cooktop. I wanted a vent hood... but didn't press the issue.  We didn't even think about a 36" micro until the appliances were in the garage and I ordered the cabinets after we had all the appliances. I did do a design with a 30" gap over the cooktop but didn't think it looked right or attractive.

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