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(01-28-2019, 03:11 PM)Brian in sunny FL Wrote: What did you end up buying?  I have an LG OLED and love it but expensive for the larger ones.  I'm sure some other sets have a great picture but when I viewed the demo side by side the OLED was quite a bit different.  That was comparing to a Sony I was looking at, QLED might be different never did a direct comparison.

I wound up buying a Samsung 75" Q9FN QLED TV, and a Samsung UBDM 9500 4K Blue Ray Player.

Though I realize full well that the player will not be used very often, it makes sense to send the best signal into the set,

rather than a $60 DVD player.

We've got two other Samsung sets in the house, and are very happy with them.

One thing I'm very fussy with is calibrating the picture, so as I did the last two times, I searched the net for recommendations.

I ultimately compared RTings calibration to the following procedure video by Vincent Teoh, and both were very similar.

He has calibration procedures for other TVs as well.


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(01-28-2019, 03:34 PM)Cdshakes Wrote: For things like this, i'm sure you can notice the difference of 4k.  We added 4k to netflix--what a waste of money... i don't notice a bit of difference.

I've seen some videos online talking about how the human eye can't really see in 4k...thought that was interesting.


I agree with you completely.

When I bought the set for the living room four years ago, 4K was just emerging.

I went to Best Buy, and compared the pictures, and found that once you're past about 4 feet away from the screen,

your eyes can't discern the difference between HDTV and 4K.


  Re: RE: Home Theater by MichaelS (Got a Samsung Q6 on ...)
(01-28-2019, 04:36 PM)MichaelS Wrote: Got a Samsung Q6 on Black Friday. 75", stunning. Size is about right @ 13', and the color and image speed is awesome. I did upgrade a console to the xbox x, which is the model with a 4k (UHD) player in it as well. Planet Earth 2, Blue Planet 2 in UHD are both amazing titles to experience on an HDR / 4k set.

Not a lot of content yet, but it's improving Smile


On our Pioneer Elite, we were absolutely mesmerized with watching Planet Earth when it first came out.

We very much enjoyed the version as narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

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I built my HT about the same time.  I love my Orb speaker sound system.  10 speakers that take up very little space and a compact subwoofer that is plenty good for my needs.  I have a Yamaha RX-V2600 receiver that has performed flawlessly and still switches and mixes everything I need, including HDMI.  Got it for a song at the time on the net <$1000.  Great choice IMHO.  Very warm sound ( I think I know what I am saying when I say that Smile).

I am on my second projector.  Loved my panasonic but it died after about 10 years and 2 bulbs.  Then I purchased an Epson mid range for about $1200 a few years ago.  It has been great and is brighter.  I have a 12x14 dark room and get a 100" picture which is fantastic.  I can make it bigger.  My screen is home made and cost about $30 at the time.  It is an 8x12 whiteboard with a very smooth fiberboard back that I painted with HD Behr Silver Screen (no joke) color.  Basically a very light gray.  It is really fabulous.  I followed the advice of a forum I followed at the time.  This screen and paint had apparently been entered into a blind evaluation of some sort and came in 2nd after a $1,500+ screen.   Since I am pretty cheap and don't care if my setup impresses the audio/video obsessors, I tried it.  Everyone who sees it wants to know where I bought it.  

I now have a 65" LG TV in my family room which is certainly very nice and cost me only $750 at COSTCO in 2017.  It's 4K and very impressive, but I love the theater more and it's only 720P.  Just cannot see a lot of difference.  When I upgrade my projector next time I expect LEDs will be available and the brightness/resolution should be much improved.  I almost bought one of the cheap Chinese LED projectors instead of the epson, but chickened out ultimately.  Not quite ready then - around 2013-14.  

I am a projector lover - LCD (my daughter has epilepsy so DLP was out of the question).  

Whatever you do, I am sure will work out.
sleepy hollow

  Re: RE: Home Theater by sleepy hollow (I built my HT about ...)
Yeah, you enjoy home theater more than I do !!!

Cool Cool Cool

  Re: RE: Home Theater by barnowl ([quote='MichaelS' pi...)
(01-29-2019, 11:00 AM)barnowl Wrote: On our Pioneer Elite, we were absolutely mesmerized with watching Planet Earth when it first came out.

We very much enjoyed the version as narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

Decided to buy a copy of the series, so we searched it on Amazon. Bought a "used" version, for short money.

Came today.

While not quite as stunning as the new 4K material there is out there, it is still mesmerizing....

I heartily recommend it.


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