filter setup for cyclone
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(01-05-2019, 03:03 PM)EricU Wrote: another forum member sent me pics of his conversion, it's pretty simple.  Have to make a plenum for the outlet and put a piece of pipe in the place of the filter.  Also, the air goes the wrong way for the impeller, so it needs to be slowed down with some vanes inside the new pipe. I'll have to make or adapt some kind of catch pan for under the filter. I'm sure I can make clips or get something from McMaster. I might have some clips that would work, have to look.

Thanks for letting me know that filter will work. I remember the Penn State Ind always has a 10 percent code for first orders, but I don't see anything about that

Can you send me pics for that conversion. I just bought a used DC with the internal filter from a member here.  I would like to do the conversion at some point.
  Re: filter setup for cyclone by EricU (I was going to do so...)
bmich, I sent you a pm.  Send me an email address via PM and I'll email you the pics

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