Ever make hardwood flooring?
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(01-08-2019, 07:19 PM)dg152 Wrote: Peter, I'm just thinking out loud and wonder if one couldn't pre-finish the boards much like those I bought from Lumber Liquidators to install in my house.

This idea of making flooring from scratch is intriguing. The OP has all the white oak for the project but, as others have pointed out, he will need a shaper. This might also be the opportunity to buy a drum sander.

Before starting, I'd want to figure out which steps to proceed to ensure that all boards are consistent with each other. Could be a fun and satisfying - if not exhausting - project.

A molder is preferable to a shaper here. You can usually set them up with multiple cutters (profiles) at once. Less setup/tear-down, cut more molding per hour. Dust collection is usually better too. All the moving parts are shrouded too - I think that's safer especially as operator fatigue sets in.

Material-handling is probably the biggest issue: need enough 'swing space' for all the material through the milling phases. And a strong-back/weak mind to pick up-feed-offload-restack/rinse and repeat umpteen times.

No reason the OP couldn't pre-finish, but he won't get factory-finish tough. Factory finish usually includes UV-cured aluminum-oxide.

The benefit of finishing after installation is he can sand after installation which will give him nice level floors. But its a hassle....

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