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(01-10-2019, 01:19 PM)SteveS Wrote: Since you said the box is glued up I assume you mean horizontal splines rather than vertical splines. I've used both for boxes, and none. There is no data out there to indicate at what point splines should be used, but for me, if the sides are rather thin or tall then I feel better adding splines. For short, thick walled boxes I only add splines if I want an artistic aspect included since the gluing surface, even though end grained, is adequate.

Yes, horizontal splines.  I've done a few boxes a year or so ago without them and the boxes are more decorative than something used every day so not much use with the boxes.  The box thickness is 5/8" thick and 5" tall.  I'm working on the lid now and once that's done I'll decide if I want to do the box splines.  I'm at the point where I haven't messed anything up so the less I do to it the less chances I'll have at an accident. Big Grin
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At those dimensions I'd forego the splines as unnecessary.
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