Sort of not "woodworking," but related...

So I bought some 3" wheels from Lowes for the router cabinet, two locking, two non-locking. When I put them on (locking at opposite corners) the dang thing rocked like the Casbah. WTH?

I swapped two and put both locking on the front side and that fixed it.

But, aren't 3" wheels, like, 3"?

(and yes, i rolled it around the shoppe to make sure it wasn't the floor.)
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Depends on what the 3" refers to.  I'll bet the 3" is the diameter of the wheels.  Is the distance from the part of the wheel in contact with the floor to the top of the plate for non-locking wheels different than for the locking wheels?
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not sure. same dang bin (well, next to each other).

shoulda paid more attention.

dang it.
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Some casters aren't made to industry standards when it comes height for swivel and non swivel.


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