Jet Cabinet Saw - Thousand Oaks, CA
Selling my Jet JTAS-10XL cabinet saw with 52” fence. 3 hp, single phase 220v. It also has an aluminum oversized router plate in the outfeed table. It will also come with extra zero clearance inserts (10 or 11) as well as a MicroJig splitter. The saw has gotten fairly light use in a hobby shop and has always been well maintained. Posting it here first before going to Craigslist. Asking $1,500.

I have to leave for a business trip Monday (January 21) and return Thursday (January 24), so won’t be able to meet until I’m back if anyone’s interested.

Thanks, John

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  Re: Jet Cabinet Saw - Thousand Oaks, CA by jcredding (Selling my Jet JTAS-...)
If anyone in the area is interested and it’s price, I’m willing to consider a fair price.


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