Pex??? A or c. Copper rings???
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Nice tool.
Thanks for posting.
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(02-01-2019, 09:19 PM)Pirate Wrote: Curious about how you easily remove copper rings?

I know the tool has existed for years but I haven't found I needed one. I don't care for plastic fittings because they take away one of the advantages of PEX; it's freeze thaw stable. Plastic fittings are not. I re-use brass fittings. When I cut the PEX I leave at least 1/2" past the fitting to give me something to grab with pliers. A quick pass over a torch flame softens the PEX enough that it slides right out of the ring.

I just watched the video. The PEX is still on the fitting! I can promise you that a torch is faster and easier. Do you already have a torch and two pliers? Try it.
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  Re: Pex??? A or c. Copper rings??? by goaliedad (I am going to go dow...)
I ended up with the cooper ring style- bought the tool from Menard's. $80, includes 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and one inch dies. The crimper holds one die at a time, so it is fairly easy to use in tight quarters. I did the small job ( moving a washer and dryer ) and had no issues at all. I am a fan of pex!


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