Code door locks?
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(02-04-2019, 12:16 PM)EricU Wrote: something about having to pay to unlock my front door just doesn't appeal, as well as the idea of the lock manufacturer trying to sell my lock data to someone.  Which you know is going to happen.  So the manual ones look like a better plan for us.  Thanks for the link.


The cost of the lockset is the only expense. These are just stand alone locks, they don't use wireless, bluetooth or any of that. Your code is programmed directly into the lock. You can easily change the code and can even change the "master" setup code if you want to. I installed these because the kids kept losing keys. I'd re-key the locks and they'd lose them again. I stopped giving them keys, only the code to get in through the garage door but then one cold day the power went out and they couldn't get in when the bus dropped them off. These use a 9v battery so no power is required.

They do have higher tech "online" solutions available in some of their more advanced lock sets, but those aren't something I'm interested in either.
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lil.  I will be replacing my second Schlage Plymouth, basically a Camelot just a different cover.  
It quit working tonight.  I'm glad it has worked well for the other users but for me I have not had any luck.  For now, unless I find a keypad and key combo that I like I'll be going back to a regular deadbolt.

Here is the camelot,

first one worked for about two years, mostly used the key but liked keypad option.  Key slowly quit working.  It was like it would not engage, the knob would spin but not drive the bolt, sometimes it would catch until it eventually died completely died.  Keypad still worked fortunately.  So I bought a new one, figured the first one was just bad luck.  The second one I had less then a year.  With this one I started just using the keypad.  Same thing has happened but in reverse.  Press the button to lock or press the combo to unlock and the knob just spins.  Feels like it wants to catch occasionally but doesn't.  Fortunately the key still works great, used it knob turned fine deadbolt goes in or out as it should.  

Two locks failing  in under 4 years puts it on my drop list.  I have uninstalled both and put back together, have replaced batteries in both.
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