Freud 6" "Super Dado" Dado Set
$45 Shipped in CONUS. Paypal accepted.

Freud 6 inch Super-Dado set, intact with all parts. This set is about 20 years old. It has been sharpened and maintained and is in good working order. No cutters are missing. None are chipped or cracked.

It contains:

2 1/8" 20-tooth outside blades
4 1/8" 4-tooth inside blades
1 3/32" 4-tooth inside blade
1 1/16" 4 tooth inside blade
A full set of 10 shims to tweak the thickness of the dado. 

Please note that the 3/32" and 1/16" blades have been sharpened fewer times than the 1/8" blades and are a few millimeters larger in diameter. This does not significantly affect the performance of the cutters but will result in the bottom of the dado having a slightly deeper groove if one or the other of those cutters is used.

Please carefully and thoroughly examine the photos to determine the exact condition of the set.

All questions and/or queries are welcomed and encouraged.


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