Plastic Tool Cases
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(02-28-2019, 09:06 PM)toolmiser Wrote: I really liked the Milwaukee metal cases that they used to be sold in.  Plastic cases never seem to have much room for things like additional blades, bits, wrenches, etc.


Got this one for 2 bux at an estate sale.  Yes


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(03-02-2019, 09:38 PM)EdL Wrote: +1000

Got this one for 2 bux at an estate sale.  Yes


Can't blame you on that one, it looks like a decent proper tool box.

Funny story related to this, I was at Lowes one day and they had a nice DeWalt worm-drive circular saw on clearance.  I had been wanting one for a while.  So of course, I talked them down a bit on the price.  I knew the saw would fit in the saddle bag on my motorcycle, so I wasn't worried about it.  They gave me the case with all of the other stuff and I discovered the case wouldn't fit at all.  I had to pitch the case in their trash can and just take the saw home.
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Love the Dewalt ones. Even find empty ones at yard sales. I use a multi tool, and cut the dividers out to fit other tools. I have one I keep a stack of 10" saw blades in. I keep my 2 multi tools another one.
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Blow molded cases are the worst....the one for my Hilti circ saw is ginormus. It holds the saw & 3 extra blades. Big space waster.

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I toss them in the storage area in my garage, just to put the tools in when I get rid of them.
I read here a while back that they may have some value so I offered them to Habitat. They didn't want them because, according to them, the people who buy them most likely have tools stolen from a jobsite.

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Before I had the new shop built, I was working out of the small 12x20 wooden floored shop I had been in for twenty years.  It was actually an Amish built storage building.  Smirk. I posted some pics of my small shop, and the simple question... How do I maximize the use of my space.  The two best pieces of advice?

Get rid of all the individual shelving, and build one large cabinet on one end, I did, it turned out great, and now lives and works in the new shop.

Second piece?
Get rid of all those tool containers and store the drills, routers, saws, etc in the cabinet.
I gave all the bags and fitted cases to a contractor friend who was thrilled.  Most of his cases had been best up by use, and had broken latches or handles.  Smirk 

I was amazed at the space savings.
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It depends on the tools, I keep tools that I don't use much like reciprocating saw, hammer drill, angle grinder, angle drill, handheld planer, etc, in the cases.  Tools like routers, cordless drill, sander, etc, usually on a shelf.  

I do put the cases on a shelf, but with age, I write with sharpie on the end what is in each case.
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Getting new work tools soon. Should be 4 cordless tools. I suspect they will come with a zippered bag, if anything. I need to find cases for a couple of them, Mad
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