Repairing polyurethane
A friend has a table that was finished with poly (she said) years ago. At some point someone put something hot on it and "melted" the finish some.
What can be done, short of refinishing it (she wants to save the patina)? The sheen is gone in that spot and you can see the texture of whatever was set there.

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  Re: Repairing polyurethane by scpapa (A friend has a table...)
I've top coated oil based poly by lightly sanding and adding another coat.  But you really don't know what kind of poly is on this do you?

If it is oil based, I would use a fine brush to build up the damaged area, sand it level and then apply another coat of poly.  But you will have to test the finish to see if that will work here.  

I guess you could play with mixing some finish up and applying it with a fine brush and then just polishing the whole table with automotive polishing compound.  

This is not a Harris Tweed where you  can take some threads from one area and re-weave it in the damaged area.  I think it will be difficult to make a perfect match.
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  Re: RE: Repairing polyurethane by Cooler (I've top coated oil ...)
I would try Cooler's second option, with a twist.  I would try to sand the damaged area smooth, without going to bare wood, and then lay in new coats of poly until that area is higher than the rest.  Let it cure for at least a week, and then carefully sand it down flat with the rest.  Then polish it to the same sheen as the top, doing the entire top at the end to make it all the same.  


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