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Arlin I probably have 500 pounds of the stuff yet. Free sink cutouts and smaller cutoffs. Haven't been called to pick any up in a couple of years now. Corian has gone out of style at least around here. My source still is in business, but is now doing other kinds of manmade materials. He is doing great after some retooling. Carbide will not cut a lot of what he does now. Real stone of some kind embedded in the manmade part. More expensive than granite, but no maintenance like granite has so a lot of people are willing to pay. Contact any countertop people in your area and explain you work with the vets and I would hope they would set you up if they have any scraps around. The cost to ship the stuff would be prohibitive due to the weight, so try any local suppliers. Might still be some used in your area.
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That is a good idea on checking on local dealers.

I would really like to see some of your work here.. Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Will try to get around to pictures next week. Will not be pretty. Probably taken on top of a messy workbench with no background. Taken on a tablet, but you should still be able to get an idea of some of the things I do.
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(03-07-2019, 06:41 PM)Turner52 Wrote: Thanks Timberwolf. I will look into the green wheels. While HSS  cutters do a very nice job on corian it really dulls the tools very quickly. Maybe not on pens being so small, but on a 10 or 12" bowl I need to spend a lot of time sharpening. It does a better job than the carbide. At least for me, which is why I usually make my last cut or 2 with HSS. Before that i use carbide almost always on the corian. Sometimes I will use carbide for removing a lot of wood on a solid wood turning. On segmented wood I almost never use the carbide because there is not as much wood to remove. Plus it is always clean with no dirt hiding anywhere on the wood

Understood....I still love HSS..It will take a sharper edge than carbide..I have several metal cutting bits that contain 5% cobalt and they are really great performers...but they command a premium price...I don't know if they are available for wood turning...IIRC, I bought them from Shars...
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On the green wheels.
Be prepared for a LOT of dust and wear down. You might get two wheels if you do a lot of work. You'll need a diamond dressing tool. Wear a 95 mask and skin covering!

In the long run, a diamond wheel will last longer and without the dust- a better long term investment.

I agree HSS is actually a better choice- it is much sharper (Not a grainy metal) and can be sharpened on a regular grinding wheel or belt grinder.

I'm going to make a HSS turning tool next chance.
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