Water softener choice
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(03-11-2019, 06:05 PM)Gary G™ Wrote: Our well water is full of iron and calcium.
Our Kinetico system is nearly 22 years old and works perfectly.

Aren't they pricey and no parts available online?
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  Re: RE: Water softener choice by Snipe Hunter ([quote='Gary G™' pid...)
(03-12-2019, 05:59 AM)Snipe Hunter Wrote: Aren't they pricey and no parts available online?

Both were in the same price range. Culligan's salt was more expensive than what I could get locally. They only came to my area one day a week, so if my unit went out on that day and I was not on their schedule, then I had to wait a week.  With my local dealer, getting calls returned was sometimes difficult, sometimes the note to call me was lost. But, they were always friendly and nice. And like someone else said, "their parts were expensive."

Hopes this helps!
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I never knew salt delivery was a thing. Everyone I know just picks up a bag when at Sams or Home Depot etc. Really odd to me but I guess with all the millennials having everything delivered by an app that salt should follow suit.

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