Fabric air duct?
  Re: Fabric air duct? by JDuke (Sort of a power tool...)
OK I think I found it and it is the same Red and we also have olive color to.


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  Re: Fabric air duct? by JDuke (Sort of a power tool...)
(03-11-2019, 08:35 AM)JDuke Wrote: Sort of a power tool question as it will end up being an air cleaner.

I have a couple hvac fans and I’d like to build filter boxes and have the output dispersed through my 30x60 shop.

Conventional duct would work, but I’ve seen flexible fabric duct in commercial environments and think it would be an excellent option for this.

Has anyone seen a cost effective source for fabric HVAC duct?


Remember, just like with a dust collector, you want the best flow possible with an air cleaner.  An air cleaner fan has low SP and low CFM to begin with.  You don't want to make it worse.  A soft duct with typically small holes running down each side adds a LOT of resistance- hence as one poster reports, you often get a "snap" when flow starts  (that's what happens to the soft duct at our town pool)- not good!


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