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(03-16-2019, 01:13 PM)wmickley Wrote: Ron, your planes have cap irons that are closer to the traditional shape, which has rounded bevel meeting the plane iron at an angle in the 50 to 80 degree range.  

The newer Lie Nielsen planes have an "improved chipbreaker" which has such a low angle that it effectiveness is compromised.
It is a little like the vestigial wings on an emu, not too good for flying.

Interesting. Thank you.
  Re: Mulberry by Scoony (Got some mulberry bo...)
Got the dividers sized and dados cut. 


I made a video of cutting the dados with a router plane, but will have to work out the process of posting it here. 

Also got the door pieces grooved and mortised. These were cut on a machine, but I did hand chop a mortise in the mulberry and it chopped out nicely.

I think this will have a divided light door.

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