Hairline cracks in fiberglass shower floor
Any fixes...cannot afford to replace whole unit at this time?
  Re: Hairline cracks in fiberglass shower floor by Bill Mains (Any fixes...cannot a...)
The shower base probably was not supported well originally.

Perhaps you can drill small holes in the base and squirt the expanding foam underneath to add support.  

A bathtub resurfacing company probably knows how to fix the surface cracks.  Probably it will be a full resurfacing.

Are you sure it is fiberglass and not acrylic?

If it is fiberglass, then a gel coat would probably work.  West Marine has information on that process.  But regardless, I suspect that the base is flexing and you will need to figure a way to add some support.  Perhaps you can squirt the expanding foam in from the outside edges of the shower.  In any case, with out eliminating the flexing, the finish is doomed to the same fate.
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  Re: Hairline cracks in fiberglass shower floor by Bill Mains (Any fixes...cannot a...)
We had that problem and after reading everything I could I called a pro (or at least what we refer to as a "pro" in our area). This was probably 10 years or more ago, but he repaired the crack and coated the entire floor of the shower tub with something, and put a slight grit into the floor. The entire process took about 3 (+/-) hours and he charged me $125. If I sounded cynical with my comments about a pro, they shouldn't be interpreted that way in this case...he did an excellent job; you couldn't tell it was repaired. To make it more difficult, this house was a 70's era house and trhe shower was Harvest Gold. He matched it perfectly. If you can't find such a repair guy, ask some of the builders who they use, they're always (apparently) repairing fiberglass showers and tubs. Anything you do may make it irreparable.
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  Re: RE: Hairline cracks in fiberglass shower floor by fredhargis (We had that problem ...)
Yup..... THIS ^^^^

A pro will make it as good as new....or better.


Ask your local plumbing supply house for referrals.


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