Tri Helix Grail
  Re: RE: Tri Helix Grail by Dusty Workshop (Amazing work indeed!...)
(03-21-2019, 07:15 AM)Dusty Workshop Wrote: Amazing work indeed!
Can I ask about how many hours you have in it?

Thank you Dusty and Woodchips  I'll answer you both w/ this post. I try to have things to carve over the winter months because I have only a small heater out in my shop. So on and off threw the winter I carve on a few things at the same time I also paint paintings during these months so it's very hard to give you an exact time frame. But on this piece I would have to guess 40 hours carving time alone turning, sanding and finishing would be another 20 hours. Thank you for taking time to comment.
  Re: Tri Helix Grail by Splinterz25 (Hello once again eve...)
I'm running out of adjectives, Bruce...

I'm gonna steal "exceptional", though.


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