Ash Box Project..
  Re: RE: Ash Box Project.. by bandit571 (Got the rest of the ...)
(03-21-2019, 08:23 PM)bandit571 Wrote: Got the rest of the corners for this box done, today... Cool 

Nice when I need a mallet to drive these together Winkgrin 

And check for square... Confused 

One down, one to go? 

May just go ahead, and complete Box #1....lid is out of the clamps..

A little bit big, but, I can cut away the "bad" parts, and make sure the rest is square and flat...

Managed to pick up some hinges, today...not so sure about the "new" Mitre Saw, though Rolleyes 

May wait until it grows up Confused Winkgrin 
Back started hurting, time to quit for the day....Stay tuned Winkgrin

Love all of the small panel glue-ups... keep up the good work!

  Re: Ash Box Project.. by bandit571 (Had a bunch of these...)
Cleared the decks for action... Rolleyes  
needed the room to lay this out..
hmmm, board stretcher? Winkgrin  At least they stay in order, when i start spreading some glue.. Cool
And add a few clamps....that gray one would not stay it got fired...used a H-F version....and a few more clamps 
Another view? 
Pine scraps to act as cauls..diagonal clamp to pull things into square...
Checked both corners... Cool
Not much room, either....will let this sit awhile....afraid to move it, it might explode! Rolleyes 

Stay tuned....waiting on glue to cure, right now...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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