Sliding saw update
  Re: Sliding saw update by garmar60 (After much debate la...)
Jason, ooops ... that should have read, “the Incra takes up less space”. 

The construction I have could be better: the aluminium fence creates a stiff base, and the wooden substrate I have could be shallower still. My slider is 49” (1250mm), and so I need to conserve as much length as I can. Every inch helps. (I do not work with sheets, only hardwood, so 95% of the time I am good).

Since posting the picture (it is several months old), I removed the two locking screws at the rear of the Incra fence and tapped it for a single knob. I also reversed the plastic indented stop section so that the stop slides continuously.

Regards from Perth

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  Re: Sliding saw update by garmar60 (After much debate la...)
I have a Sawstop, which I like quite a bit, but every now and then the K3 Winner calls out to me. And it's been calling louder since I got my A3-41. My only hesitation is that my shop consists of a garage in which everything must be pushed off into one corner at night, least I end up divorced again. So is your K3 as configured above pretty fixed, or can you compactify that sliding table assembly? I can imagine having a K3, and having a wife, but not both at the same time if she can't open her car door in the garage.
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