Avoid Blotching on Maple
I am working on Hard Maple , I would like to dye in Maple color  and the finish in oil.

I did some test sample with dye and they are ok. I did notice some bloching.

Did some search to avoid blotching. come came up with following scenarios;
  • Apply thin coat of Polyurethane, dilute to at least 50% . Let it dry and then sand lightly. Apply dye evenly. This avoid blotching.
  • Apply coat of Shellac, let it dry and then apply dye evenly.  This does not mention the strength of Shellac. Do you apply full strength?
So far I have not seen any other sealer mentioned, I am sure there are few.

Any feedback on above 2 process?
I've never been completely successful in avoiding blotching on maple, et al, except when I spray on the dye.  If you can spray I recommend doing that above all other methods.  If you can't then the best I've done is to apply a coat of Sealcoat shellac straight from the can, then sand that back with 325 grit, then apply the dye.  The shellac will absorb into the blotch prone areas more than where it's not prone to blotching.  When you sand it back you will be sanding off most of the shellac from the areas not prone to blotching, leaving it in the blotch prone areas, so the dye will end up more even.  

Some people swear by Charles Neil's Blotch Controller.  I've never used it so I can't comment on it more than that.

Try whatever you decide on on scrap.  Repeat until you are satisfied before trying it on your project.

maple is pretty tough to even out - i usually use 2 coats of 1# cut of shellac - lightly sanded between coats. it helps - but there is still some uneveness.
I have used Charles Neil's blotch control on cherry and was very happy with the results. Two suggestions-- Watch Charles Neil's you tube video on how to use his product and work on scrap pieces before using on final project.

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