Spraying kitchen cabinets
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(04-15-2019, 12:00 PM)Rob Young Wrote: The GF "milk" paint is essentially an acrylic. Sprays well, levels well, thin with a splash of water. It has been my experience with the GF stuff that even the dark colors are a bit transparent and it is a minimum of 2 coats if you want to completely obscure grain, usually 3. Dries pretty quick being a water borne acrylic. So spray, wait, scuff, spray, etc. Does need a top coat of some kind if you want scratch resistance.

Milk paint made with, well milk, will be casein based and is quite durable if a bit powdery. I've never tried spraying it but heard legends of it being done. Filter, filter, filter was what they wrote. Also, I think they made it up the day before and let it slake overnight in the fridge. I've only brushed on the real stuff and it worked very well. Again, tends toward the transparent side but eventually can get opaque coverage.

Yes, it takes two coats of GF's Milk Paint, at least the black I used, to get a truly opaque finish, but it goes on great even with a foam brush.  I've applied it to narrow parts that way and then sprayed them afterwards with High Perf. Poly and it looks like a high end lacquer job.  


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