Rummage Sale Finds.
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(04-18-2019, 11:32 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: Welding a brass hammer head would be near impossible with a stick welder.

I'm thinking brass might be used for other reasons also. To not create sparks around gas/fuel

But that's why manufacturers used Beryllium Copper..much less "ductile" than brass and steel and "non-sparking"..The "ball pein" is what is confusing to me.....the ball end is used to "move metal" like in bradding a rivet or whatever and should be somewhat harder or "less ductile" than what you are using it on...I guess we will never be sure what it's intended purpose is. Confused Big Grin
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  Re: Rummage Sale Finds. by bandit571 (Tis the season, once...)
Collector was more than happy with it, from the OEM handle to the C.C.C. & St. L logo stamped into the side of the hammer head... Cool .Seems it was from the workshops at that 32 stall Roundhouse the railroad had in town ( Bellefontaine, OH)  Thinking goes that hole is from someone driving a pin, or even a "Cotterpin" in or out.   may have even used a second hammer onto the brass one, as the head has a slight mushroomed face...and is chewed up more than the ball end... Rolleyes

Sold the hammer, and a few RR wrenches and kept the large Stanley screwdriver.  One of the wrenches was stamped with the logo of the old Traction Line that went through the area.   Cool
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