Miller Falls #14
As always all have been precision ground and are no more than .0015 of an inch out of being perfectly flat. The sides have been ground with the same care and precision and are also ground square to the bottom. The would make a good choice of a plane for shooting board work. 

I touched up the plane irons on all of the planes.  It helps with sharpening, It doesn't require any lapping but  a lot of people will still do it. The top on some of the earlier irons needed a little help after about 100 years or so. I also flatten the backs at the cutting edge . It helps the blade to make full contact with the frog and I feel it helps reduce chatter.

Asking $85 plus shipping which is $15 shipped  priority mail to anywhere in the country. That is a 2-3 day delivery with a tracking no.

I like to show the planes completely disassembled so you know everything works properly and they come with a money back guarantee.






The answer to the next question: Am I grinding again and the answer is yes, But I am walking softly so only 3s and 4s and the turn around will be a couple of weeks.

Thanks for looking.


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