JD D130 [48" deck] mulching kit
  Re: JD D130 [48" deck] mulching kit by varkpilot (I've been a "basket"...)
Have mulching blades and plug on mine (screws, no bungee), and works very well. Yesterday I cut and grass needed it badly, single cut left a bit of clumping, just ran over those clumps and all disappeared.

To me, well worth it.
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  Re: JD D130 [48" deck] mulching kit by varkpilot (I've been a "basket"...)
Frankly, I've never found "mulching" attachments to be worth a darn; early on I tried them, but eventually I've just been mowing, and going back with a backpack blower for the areas that get "clumpy". I mow 1.75 acres (for the last 35 years, with a 5 year layoff with a smaller lot, so say 30), and it only takes ten minutes to give it a quick blow and all is well. I'm on my "last" mower, a new JD tractor with a 54" deck, which should last me 20+ years and at that point I'll be in spitting distance of 90 and won't be cutting anymore.... Ha.....
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  Re: JD D130 [48" deck] mulching kit by varkpilot (I've been a "basket"...)
I use a light weight aluminum basket and dump the contents into my compost system...

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