Dresser dados slipping
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(05-04-2019, 08:18 PM)brax71 Wrote: Here's a pic...  I was thinking of drilling from exactly in the corner through the frame(s) into the side panel/leg at about 45 degrees.  Once cut off and pared flush, I was "thinking" it would only show when the drawer was entirely removed.

(Yes, i need to dust the side panel)

There are two issues here:

The first is why this is occurring. The answer is possibly that expansion has taken place and the sides have moved. Or it may be that the dados are glue starved. Or that you are attempting to glue largely end grain. 

The answer is that you should pull the pieces apart and clean the joints for a tight fit, then reglue with epoxy and clamp together until the epoxy is set. 

Or reglue with whatever (after cleaning) and skew nail the sides. This is probably what you should do anyway.

The second issue explains the last recommendation: In building carcases, this is a reason why sliding dovetails are used - they are a mechnaical joint that prevents anything being pulled apart. Dados are not mechanical.

Regards from Perth

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