Borate Treatment and Need for Sentricon?
My home is about 6years old and during construction it was treated with borate on all structural wood.  It appears from a search that borate treatments are proven to be effective for at least 12 years or maybe even longer.  Given that is there any reason to install the Sentricon system around a home?  The home is in the east TN region where termites are quite prevalent.
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I hold both termite and structural pesticide licenses, so I'm familiar with many of the products out there, but not all.

The best answer I can give you, is it depends. Here's the big reason why: there are a number of different borate treatments and we don't know which one they used. Even they used the most awesome product out there, they may have had a nitwit apply it, or worse, somebody putting it on under strength by accident or on purpose to try to save a dollar.

So, while borate is an incredible product, all borate treatments are not the same. The bait stations may, if installed properly and nitwits install them too, provide another barrier to subterranean termites. Read and understand the labels on all products the PC company uses. The monitoring station I use is supposed to be installed every 10 feet or so. They cost around $10 each. I've seen companies install 1 per side of the house, then charge good money for quarterly inspections that take 10 minutes.

All bets are off if you have the Formosan termite down there.

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