Got a sign for my Birthday, today
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(05-22-2019, 10:58 AM)bandit571 Wrote: "Dad's Tools,  Dad's Rules"    if'n you want to use my tools, you use my rules.    My late dad used to have 2 sets of tools....and older, complete, minty set that filled a large tool chest.    Another was out in the garage, where he worked fixing cars..his and friends.    Was allowed to use the garage set to fix my cars...but, the set in the basement was for his use.   
I tried that but everything got mixed up anyway. So we had two chests and were wandering between them looking for pieces. Then my son started buying his own tool sets. What a mess!
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Nice sign Bandit. Good luck with the rules.
My Dad used to complain that my brothers and I had taken his tools and not put them back and he couldn't find them (and maybe he was right most of the time), but twenty years after we had all left home and lived in different towns, he admitted that his tools still went missing.

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