Rigid oscillating belt/drum sander
Ladies & Gents,

My Rigid oscillating sander is showing symptoms of trouble in my future.  I think it is the oscillating mechanism that is making noise.  Also on turning it off, it comes to a stop quicker than it used to.  Seems like extra friction somewhere.  

Regrettably, mine is not one of the early made that had a 'lifetime' warranty.  

Thinking of attempting to save it before something breaks.  Has anyone attempted to repair this model sander?  Is it repairable?  When you finished, was it worth the effort?  

thx, tom
  Re: Rigid oscillating belt/drum sander by anwalt (Ladies & Gents, M...)
I'm pretty sure the oscillator is part of the motor and is not really serviceable. 

The cost of the motor and shipping will be the same as a new unit from the Depot.

They pop up on Craig's from time to time for $100 around here.
  Re: Rigid oscillating belt/drum sander by anwalt (Ladies & Gents, M...)
Mine is making noise at the bottom of the oscillating cycle, too.

I've had this machine about 15 years or so; I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this $199 machine.

It's been making noise for a couple years now, but it still goes every time I flick the switch.  While I really like the unit, as the years have passed, I've come to realize it has some shortcomings that I don't want to work around in my next sander.  I won't attempt a fix.

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