Best Toilet Guts
Toilet suffered a catastrophic failure in the tank, all we get now is a stream out of the hose that goes in the down tube, the tank doesn't fill at all. Its one of the newer style all in one designs, not the big float on a rod style.

Need to replace the guts.  Recently did the same in the guest bath, and its never really worked correctly since, so I am going to redo that one again at the same time.

What has been your experience as the preferred brand of innards?  Obviously whatever I bought last time, which I think was a Corky premium unit did not fit the bill.

Thanks in advance, and yes there is paint behind the toilet.
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Not much difference in the brands and models of fill valves today. One feature I see some having over another is a valve added for fill control. Some toilets could waste water by overfilling the bowl. Having this valve limits the water output preventing excess from going down the drain. Might be a need than again might not.
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I installed this one about 6 months ago. I really like the ease of installation plus it is pretty quiet. Can't tell you how long it will last.

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