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back several years I posted a query about water issues our church was facing.  We had smelly water and were trying to find answers what to do. I could no longer find the thread but wanted to post our solution.

We had a dual tank Kinetico softener but it seems invariably that we would be get stinky, cloudy water when we had some larger event.  

When we started to put all the factors together we found that it was likely caused by several things.  The unit was probably about at its life limit(resin needed replaced).  We had halved the number of people attending the church because of a nasty division, so we weren't using as much water.  When we had he stinky water quite often the tanks had switched and the one was recharging.  We were guessing that with the water sitting in one of the tanks for longer periods we were getting the iron bacteria that was causing the issues.

We checked the price of a new softener with a digital timer and demand combination and it wasn't that expensive if we purchased and installed it ourselves.

We did and the issue was resolved.  No more stinky, cloudy water and it seems to have taken care of the iron bacteria in the well also.  At least the the filter is no longer red with iron.  The softener is a single tank unit so it should cycle more often and move the water through the system on a more regular fashion.  We felt quite good about our decision and that we had diagnosed and fixed it correctly
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Great news glad everything turned out ok for you and the congregation.

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