Bandsaw quick release tension device
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(06-25-2019, 03:48 PM)toolmiser Wrote: I've been thinking about getting a  device to quickly release the tension on my older Delta 14" bandsaw.  I've seen the ones that are basically a longer tension screw, and it's not what I want.  Carter makes one Carter Products QR1000 Quick Release Band Saw Blade Tension Toggle that seems like the most common for sale.

If you use one, what do you use, if you have this one, do you like it?  

Let's not debate whether you need to release the tension.  I manually release mine now and it takes too much time and effort-lazy I know!

Most comments welcome.

You might try this before spending a lot.  It was posted  here on woodnet some years ago by Bill Esposito and later published in Shopnotes.

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I have the Carter thing and I only detension my saw if it will be unused for a month or more. I don’t like the idea of tensioning/detensioning the blade often.
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When asking for help, and open mind and understanding the facts is a big first step.
Everything is a prototype so its a one of a kind.
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I Had two detensioning devises from Carter at one time  because I had two ols Delta  !4 inch band saws. I sold one. They are easy to install and have two settings. One detentions the blade and the other lowers it for blade changing. Detensioning after each use is not a problem. I found that even if my intentions were to use the saw the next day, life seemed to get in the way and it may be another 2-3 weeks before I could get back to it.

When I walk up to the saw ,if I see the round knob in the middle I know right off it needs tensioned. If is is under the saw guides you know the blade can be changed so it is not a good idea to start the machine so for me detensioning is not a problem with carter. It is or can be more of a problem with my Grizzly !7 inch.

It is a very welcome addition to my bandsaw and I would recommend ti to anyone that asked me. Worth every penny.  Helps make life easier because you don't have to retension, just lift the knob and start cutting. When done just lower the handle and walk away. It has preset stops so nothing is a problem.

I hope I have helped.


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