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  Re: Tree Work Cost by brnhornt (Hi All, Just want...)
Didn't check in the Home Improvement forum for a couple of days. I agree that $1600 sounds like a good price.

I don't do bigger was mentioned earlier those are best done with big toys. Those cost big money and if I've invested that, I'd better be running it several days a week. Instead I focus on tree care: pruning, pests, soil management, etc... Every now and then I'll let someone talk me into taking down a big one and leaving everything for them to clean up...but I'm too busy this summer (pretty booked for next 5-6 weeks now - and late summer is usually "busy time") so I'm just passing on those now.

Sounds like you've got a good company lined up, but for the sake of others I will mention that often it is better to have different companies doing removals and pruning. Removals, you just want the lowest rate from an insured company. Pruning is best left to somebody who knows something about how trees grow, biology, branch structure, etc. (is my bias showing?). Sometimes that is the same company others it is not...
  Re: Tree Work Cost by brnhornt (Hi All, Just want...)
We just recently had four oaks removed and one from the neighbors cut back to the property line.  The largest removed was $2500 by itself. That included all clean up and stump grinding. The tree had a diameter of about 4', maybe a little more.  The other three removed were a little more than a foot in diameter, only one of those stumps were ground.  All were about 30-40 foot tall. Total cost was $5000 and I had to clean up the stump grindings.

The tree company was fast. They were done with everything in around six hours.

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