HF Blast Cabinet Build/Mod...
Finally got a chance to use my new/modified HF blast cabinet.  I'm super impressed with the performance and ease of use.  I purchased the cabinet new, with the intention of installing several of the Tacoma mods that are viewable on YT.  I got the Standard Kit, which includes Tacoma manufactured gun, foot control, metering valve, along with a regulator/guage and all the hoses, fittings and grommets you'll need.  Along with the Standard Kit, I also purchased several of Tacoma's options, which makes the cabinet perform as efficiently as you could imagine.  For light inside the cabinet, I replaced the meager OEM light, with 2 outdoor floods, with a plug to go into my vac's Automatic input, so that the vac turns on when I turn on the lights.
Now, I know many might ask why I would purchase a $150 blast cabinet, only to add on hundreds of dollars worth of mods.  After researching cabinet prices and features, I found that for well under $1000, I could have a cabinet that performs better than $2000+ cabinets.  Granted, more expensive cabinets use heavy sheet metal and are meant survive the drops and hits that might occur in a pro shop, however for my purposes, this cabinet will be well cared for, so massive durability will not be a factor and in fact, would take away from it's moveabiltiy and space savings, which are a big consideration for me.
Having used the modified cabinet for the first time, I can say that it operates beautifully, with no leaks anywhere.  With only 2 cups of HF glass media, I was able to blast rust and paint off of several parts, with the metering valve only half way open and the pressure set at only 20psi.  The add ons meant to divert media inside the cabinet, down the funnel, did their job and kept the 2 cups of media continually recirculating.  Visibility inside the cabinet while blasting, was not an issue due to repositioning of the vac port and air intake.  Also, replacement of the plexiglass window with glass and quick change kit, aids in the clear view and will make window replacement simple.
Although all the mods took me about a solid week of work, I am very happy with the results.  This has made blasting so easy, I wonder why it took me so long to make the move.  Here are some pics of the mods I made... Sorry...the pics got cropped a bit in Photobucket...

  Re: HF Blast Cabinet Build/Mod... by darita (Finally got a chance...)
That is very cool. I've used blast cabinets in the past and for doing restoration work, nothing else compares.
  Re: HF Blast Cabinet Build/Mod... by darita (Finally got a chance...)
You did an excellent job there.

I'll never be without one after having one for years now. There's no comparison for removing embedded paint and getting a rust free part.

I've been using that "Black Magic" media from tractor supply- an excellent abrasive.
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  Re: HF Blast Cabinet Build/Mod... by darita (Finally got a chance...)
Great post. I've always wanted one too but ever since I saw one made with a 275 gal. oil tank I wanted a BIG one. I've also fantasized using it as a small spray booth. I know it wouldn't be the optimum environment, but it should be fine for a mower deck and other tools; not so much for fine woodworking. Seems like every time I spray outdoors it rains, blows and/or the bugs like the color.
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