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(07-09-2019, 07:00 PM)hankgillette Wrote: Hello, everyone,

I currently cut groove for my boxes with a table saw or a router. I recently saw an episode of The Woodwright’s Shop where Roy used a plow plane to cut grooves for a box and made it look easy and fun. Of course, Roy makes a lot of things look easy and fun that I suspect aren’t actually, so I thought I would ask for people’s opinion of using a plow plane in general, and specifically opinions on the Lee Valley plow plane. I noticed that Roy was making his grooves in softwood, so I would be interested in how easy it is to groove hardwood with the LV plane.

Also, would anyone recommend Lee Valley’s combination plane or the plow plane? It’s more expensive, of course, but it seems like it more versatile. I think grooves would be my major use of the plane, but I would have the option of expanding my woodworking hand plane skills. If it is substantially harder to set up and use the combination plane for grooves I would probably stick with the plow plane.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

Hank Gillette

As I've stated in another thread, I recently (a few months ago) purchased the Lee Valley combination plane. I owned, at the time, an LV plough plane and a Stanley 45. I am so happy with the combo plane that I've sold the plough plane and hardly touch the 45.

- David
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If you can find one, buy a Siegley Combination Plane over a Stanley 45. The Siegley is a lot less clunky and weighs a pound less. Plus it will still take Stanley plow plane blades
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(07-11-2019, 08:04 PM)mvflaim Wrote: If you can find one, buy a Sargent Combination Plane over a Stanley 45. The Sargent is a lot less clunky and weighs a pound less. Plus it will still take Stanley plow plane blades

Or a Craftsman, which was made by Sargent. Besides the LV plow, I have two Stanely 45s and the Craftsman. One of the Stanleys is a collectible. The other 45 was in a wooden box, along with a 71, bought as an "opportunity box" with other items at a MJD auction, for next to nothing, and both tools had hardly any use, with both complete with all cutters. The Craftsman was picked up as a curio, without any blades (overpaid for it). It took me over a decade to find a full set of cutters, again over aid, but the resulting combo plane feels better in use over the Stanleys.

The Lee Valley beats them all (and I'm not even mention my Record 43, or the several wooden plows I have). Yes, I might have a slight tool problem.
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Thanks to everyone for your recommendations, and especially to Derek for posting pictures that make me feel totally inadequate as a woodworker.*

I’ve decided to go with the Lee Valley combination plane for several reasons. Even though my current intended use is making grooves, I like the option of using the plane for other tasks if I ever want to. I also like the fact that the fence for the LV can be used on either side (I am left-handed, and would have bought the left-handed plow plane). I figure the LV plane will hold much of its value, should I decide that I don’t like it (who am I kidding? I’ll just put it on a shelf and let my heirs deal with it.). If I got stuck with a poor used plane, I would likely just be out the money.

We don’t have many flea markets around me (that I know of), so I would be buying from eBay, and most of the buyers claim to not know anything about tools, so in many cases, they don’t tell if all the pieces are there. Some don’t even mention if there are any cutters included.

I’ve bought a few old bench planes and done some rehabbing, but those are much simpler compared to a combination plane. I like the fact that I will be able to use the LV out of box. With a used plane, I would not be sure whether it was performing well or not. I know the combination plane may be overkill and is more expensive than the plow plane, but luckily, I can afford it, since I don’t have other expensive hobbies, other than photography.

I haven’t posted much in the last few years, so I really do appreciate the responses.

Hank Gillette

* Actually, Derek, I love your pictures, and your build threads on your website are great.
Hank Gillette
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Hank,  good decision.  LV makes quality stuff, and their customer service is extraordinary,  sure you will be happy.
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You won't be sorry with your decision...but if you get tired of the combo-plane setup, I like a tongue and groove plane – either the LN(s) or Stanley.
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Hmmmm...something made a lot of "noodles"? Confused Rolleyes
Could be? Winkgrin
That old Stanley 45 still has some use, with a #12 cutter, with NO back bevel needed...
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