Bandaiding insulation in metal building
  Re: Bandaiding insulation in metal building by Robert Adams (Ok I have the typica...)
(07-10-2019, 04:14 PM)Robert Adams Wrote: Ok I have the typical welded metal building. 2" square tubing on roughly 5' centers then covered in metal building insulation then the R panel is screwed to the frame. I am going to be spending allot more time in the shop working on the mustang and taking a break from woodworking. My shop is 20x30 insulated with 2 tons of AC which is not adequate in the summer. Right now it is 103* and 51% humidity. So heat index of 128 and summer is just getting started. 

     Well since the insulation is 100% compressed between the framing and skin that makes the entire frame of the shop essentially one massive radiator conducting heat in from outside. That framing gets quite hot. 

     My doors are insulated with the same fiberglass and are sealed up fairly well.


           Does anyone have any brilliant ideas to insulate that framing. The best option would be to take the sheet off and add a layer of foam then resheet the outside but that's not going to happen... So the only thing I can come up with is to take the scrap insulation I have and cut it to long strips to basically just cover the framing and then tape it to the existing insulation. On the upside that will cover up the ugly red tubing as well and it will all have the white vinyl showing.

             Oh and I am looking for a heat exchanger to run the well water through to help cool the shop. The water temp is 68-70 out of the ground and I might as well use that to cool the shop when the yard is getting watered. I think in the future I will replace my 2 ton unit with a 3 ton package unit which is much easier to filter the air for than minisplits. The best solution is to move north but LOML is making that very hard to do.

pull the blanket and have someone spray foam it.

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