Powermatic 54a Jointer- Central IN (SOLD)
EDIT: In case you're in the market, I sold this on FB Marketplace for $700. Sold it to the first person who responded, which was <2 hours after I posted. So lessons learned I was probably a little low on price (not complaining, just FYI what these might sell for), and FB Marketplace for selling large tools is the way to go. Thanks for the advice to those who responded.

I recently purchased an 8" jointer so it's time to sell my beloved Powermatic 54a. Going to try here first before I post this for sale anywhere else. 

I'm asking $700 $600, including mobile base and 3 sets of knives (2 dull, 1 sharp set on machine). I live about 30 minutes south of Indianapolis and would be glad to demo the jointer at my shop if you're interested. You can contact me here by PM, or my email is my WN username @yahoo.com.

I bought this new at Woodcraft ~15 years ago. I've ran a lot of lumber over it, but I'd consider it in above average condition. The bed doesn't have the factory finish, there are a few minor scratches and some swirl marks where I've had to buff out some surface rust over the years, but it's not pitted or anything like that. The beds are as level and coplanar as I can measure. Everything works just like it did when I bought it. It holds its adjustments well. In fact, about the only time I ever messed with anything is right after a knife change, *maybe* having to adjust the outfeed table to match the new knives. It has plenty of power, is very stable, and with a sharp set of knives will leave a finish as fine as any straight knife jointer out there. The long bed is a plus, and this machine has never let me down. If you've never looked at a Powermatic jointer from this era, the fit and finish is exceptional. I hate to sell it, but I needed a bigger machine and I don't have room for two. It will make someone a great jointer.

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I was going to give this at least a week, but it's in the way and I need the space. I reduced the price to $600. If you're interested, make me an offer. Worst I can do is say no.

When I came up with the price, I looked up a new one (including mobile base) and started at half. Not sure if I'm out of line on price, not enough traffic on this site, or just need to be more patient. I've been looking for an 8" jointer on local Craigslist for a long time and don't see a lot of 6" jointers in as good a condition as mine so if you think I'm out of line on price, I'd appreciate any input.
  Re: Powermatic 54a Jointer- Central IN (SOLD) by ajkoontz (EDIT: In case you're...)
Your pricing is very, very reasonable. Summer is a hard time to move such things, with tool budgets going to vacations, etc..... so be patient. That machine is a bargain at your price.
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